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Exal Bone

Unique features of our personalized orthopedic dressing:
Go to unlimited modeling time

unlimited modeling time

No rush. Exal Bone is the only one SOLUTION that provides unlimited time for modeling. You have as much time as you need to get the right shape of dressing.

Go to Does not cause itching

Does not cause itching

Hypoallergenic material does not cause pruritus or itching.

Go to Waterproof


Absolutely waterproof. No problem with showering and washing hands. For your comfort the dressing is also air permeable.

Go to Light and discret

Light and discret

Can be worn under any clothing. Allows to perform basic tasks without any help. Hardly anyone will notice that you actually had an accident!


The dressing is fully breathable, which allows the doctor to easily assess the state of the limb.

No 3D Printers!

Does not require expensive and time-consuming 3D printers and scanners to obtain the best fit.


It has durability comparable to a traditional plaster of paris dressing.

Exal Bone in details

Exal Bone technology is covered by patent protection!

„Exal Bone” combines the advantages of modern orthopedic dressing (lightness, breathability, waterproof, durability and discretion) with universal size and the possibility of secondary ftting. The innovative technology of production of multi-component dressing material provide to unlimited forming time and allow to make adjustments after the material has stagnated (secondary plasticization). In contrast to other startups, we don’t need expensive and time-consuming 3D printers and scanners to obtain the best ft. We create universal dressing and personalized it for every arm.

“Exal Bone” is at TRL 5/6 prototype level already, with demonstrators available, and patent pending.

„Exal Bone” is a unique innovation that provides improved patient outcomes with reduced medical treatment and monitoring costs. It combines the advantages of a modern orthopedic cast (lightness, breathability, waterproofness, durability, discretion, design) with a universal size, and enables a simple, secondary ftting if needed, important for patient comfort and successful healing. “Exal Bone innovative design and engineering means an advance in patient care through combining multicomponent dressing materials that enable unlimited forming time, allowing a nurse/technician to make fne tuning adjustments after the material has stagnated (secondary plasticization). Expensive and time-consuming 3D printers and scanners are not required to optimise ft for comfort and successful bone healing, while reduce the risks when traditional plaster casts are used. We have created a unique medical device: A universal dressing for bone breaks that can be personalized for every arm.

Our Team


Medical Doctor, Inventor, graduated from Medical University of Lodz.

Contact: mateusz.siwak@exalbone.eu

Kamil Chrzan

CTO, Technical Director
Baseline Manager at Ericsson Łódź, A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Technical University of Łódź. kamil.chrzan@exalbone.eu

Łukasz Piotrowski

IT specialist, Graduated from Uniwersity of Technology in Czestochowa, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology.

Contact: lukasz@exalbone.eu


Scientific Advisor, Consultant
Scientist, Innovation Broker, Grant Evaluator, Tutor.

Contact: karolina.czarnecka@exalbone.eu

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